Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Chronicle of Minor Negligence and Irresponsibility (pt. 4)

8 things I failed to do last week:

• floss every single night.
• get in my long run for the week.
• buy a hanging pot for my new fern.
• mow the lawn.
• recover my hundreds of lost iTunes tracks.
• sell my screenplay.
• get a tattoo.
• set an Olympic, American, or world record.

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redpartyshoes said...

hey salad head,

at any rate here. since he of the martian bracelets refuses to post the many witty comments and deep thoughts i offer him on a regular basis, i've decided to contact you. publicly. besides, it's high-time we discuss teaching directly, independent of our dear friend. plus, i read two murakami books (Hard-Boiled Wonderland...and Kafka) this summer while staying in ladakh, india so i have something mildly legitimate to say.

i liked what i read. time and place certainly contributed--i was on my own living a quiet life in the himalayas. before Hard-Boiled, i finally indulged in Satanic Verses and re-read One Hundred Year. so i was primed to accept and willingly swim in magical realism. a fan of dashiell hammet, i was a sucker for the voice of Hard-Boiled and became tickled by the blending of science fiction and mysticism. i found the repeated themes and motifs in Kafka to be reassuring, in way--like, for once, the window into the writer's mind was clear. i felt included--murakami is wrestling with so much, and as a somewhat aware reader, i get to come along. none of this is suggest, however, that i completely understood what i read--but living among kashmiri muslims, tibetan buddhists, and a bunch of western poseurs and party-ers definitely helped.

lesson plans call. i must go. i hope you're well--have a great start to school-