Monday, July 27, 2009


How come Peter Paul doesn’t combine the best of both worlds and offer a candy bar with the nuts of the Almond Joy and the dark chocolate of Mounds? Even if it was only one month a year, a special seasonal offering. Think about it, Peter Paul, take your worst sales month, and offer a special limited time dark chocolate Almond Joy during that period. You would see a serious increase in sales, Peter Paul. You would make many people happy and you would make more money. Peter Paul, this could be the best of both worlds in so many ways. Paradise on earth is practically within reach.

Also, why is the flatter of the two candy bars you produce called Mounds? That mystifies and sometimes confuses me, Peter Paul.

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clo said...

It always is such a conflict- does one go for the dark chocolate, or does one go for the nuts?
Perhaps Dallas you should consider a new career in marketing and development.
(And while you are considering things, perhaps you could consider posting some pictures from your current road trip!)