Monday, June 30, 2008

How Did This Happen and What Does It Say About Me?

The other night I stopped in the grocery store to pick up a few things, and I found myself filling the cart with beverages. When I got home and started putting them away I found that the cupboards and fridge were already loaded with drinks and drink-making materials. Am I just a sucker for liquids? Is it nasty American consumerism run rampant in a very specialized area?Is it the boy scout in me trying to be prepared for any situation? Or is it something else? What follows is an annotated list of the drinks (and powders and gels to make drinks) in my kitchen.

• mineral water
• milk
• half and half
• orange juice
• apple juice
• four kinds of beer
• French berry lemonade
• cream soda
• tonic water
• margarita mix
• rice milk
• three different brands of sports drink (in liquid form, as well as two flavors of gel and one of powder to make more sports drinks)
• two flavored syrups to make Italian sodas (pomegranate and blood orange)
• peach nectar (good for making popsicles)
• guava nectar (good for making popsicles)
• mango nectar (good for making popsicles)
• five different liquors
• a handful of bottles of red and white wine
• crystals to make the all-natural caffeine-free fake coffee drink I have every morning
• coffee (for guests)
• herbal tea
• hot chocolate
• small boxes of Juicy Juice 

I know I'm stocked up right now, but this seems like a lot of drinks. Am I out of line? There are two boys, and a number of the items on the list are for them. The funny thing is I drink a lot of plain ol' water, too.

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