Friday, October 10, 2008

Two Reasons Why Sasha Frere-Jones may be the Second Best Music Writer at The New Yorker

"When we played our version of funk or dub reggae, or tried to make a synthesizer sound like a dolphin fixing a tractor (tough but doable), it felt natural."

And, regarding Grizzly Bear (a band he likes):

"The band's sound suggests a group of eunuchs singing next to a music box on a sunken galleon."

—from The New Yorker, Oct. 22, 2007


redpartyshoes said...

nice photo. though i, of course, have no idea which one you are. re: el sasha--yeah, i respect him and it's dense and stuff. but that whole indie-bands-don't-have-soul rant last spring didn't ring true. especially when he attacked Arcade Fire (who i, amidst mocking and criticism, love love love and he did once too). i didn't get it. it only seemed like flash, scandal. true, true, true soul is missing. but what of expertise? what about being able to play ACTUAL instruments? their shows are hypnotic--bordering on what soul does, the religious experience that music offer. now i'm ranting. cheers.

Martian Bracelets said...


re: the photo. He's the hot one, obv!